Country Clubs

The country club represents exclusive and luxury conference venues available to hire, and are some of the most well equipped conference venues in the United Kingdom. A country club cater will often cater to a large variety of different clients, from smaller businesses who may only use the premises for one meeting a year through to larger companies and multi-nationals that use the facilities on a regular basis.

No matter how important your delegates may be you can be certain that they will find country club conference venues to be of the highest quality available and will enjoy the stay in the pleasing surroundings. Country club conference venues often pride themselves on their flexibility and ability to cater for your every demand no matter how unusual it may seem; when utilising the services of country club conference venues you can be certain that the staff will take the time to ensure that both you and your delegates are able to get about your business unhindered so you can concentrate on the matter at hand with no outside distractions.

Country club conference venues vary in size, some are small and can offer facilities for numbers as low as five or ten delegates, others can can for upwards of two hundred and fifty individuals depending on how many delegates you have attending. Many country club conference venues have rooms that can be varied in size depending on your requirements. Country club conference venues also have the advantage of often containing quality catering staff and equipment, a fully licensed bar, professional staff who are experienced in catering and hospitality and most importantly some cutting edge audio-visual equipment to ensure your presentation is as enjoyable to watch as possible.

The facilities in country club conference venues are first class and the decor and surroundings echo this. In fact many places will actually vary the decor based on what you require on the day, and most importantly the stunning countryside surroundings of this type of venue allow delegates to relax and unwind when you are away from the meeting areas.