Cinemas can make excellent conference venues; and this growing market is rapidly being catered for by many of the larger chains of cinemas such as Showcase, ODEON and IMAX. If you are not convinced by the idea of using cinemas as conference venues then consider this; what you have in essence is a purpose made auditorium complete with stage area, tiered staggered seating allowing an excellent view, a huge screen on which to project graphs, videos or simply film the stage, refreshments and purpose built facilities on hand and experienced staff available to help should you encounter any difficulties.

The cinema does seem to represent "everything under one roof" and many cinemas are starting to expand their conference venues by building bespoke purpose built meeting rooms and private catering areas strictly for use by business clients who are hiring one of the many cinema screens. Cinemas can prove to be intriguing conference venues that are also enjoyable places in which to work; if your conference is going to be based around presentations or projections of graphs, charts or statistics then cinemas can make the perfect conference venues for your requirements. Utilising cinemas as conference venues will allow you to make a genuine impact on your delegates or employees, they will feel privileged and are being treated like an exclusive audience and they will respond to this sentiment and be far more receptive to your presentation.

Cinemas are interesting and unique environments that stimulate the minds of everyone who is attending and provide the perfect surroundings with which to kick-start a meeting or business weekend. They are certainly stunning conference venues and are definitely worthy of consideration if a venue is required for a large number of delegates. Many of the cinemas that have been working as conference venues for some time offer additional services; IMAX cinemas for example are perfect conference venues because they have a speakers podium offset from the main stage from which you can direct proceedings, and most auditoriums have foyer lounge areas where delegates can wait in comfort before and after the conference.

Many places will even provide light-boxes that can be used for advertising and dedicated spaces for business and conference clientele. Cinemas are unique venues that many people will not have attended before and can help to pack a real "wow" factor into any presentation or meeting. These venues are full of well trained staff who will make your day go as smoothly as possible; cinemas are the perfect alternative venues to provide exciting backdrops for you and your company.