Aircraft Hangars

Aircraft hangars make excellent conference venues; they are breathtaking, dramatic and provide a suitably epic backdrop for your conferences and meetings. Many aircraft hangars are finding a new lease of life as conference venues and places for businesses to hold meetings; but erase from your mind any notions you may have of old, dusty, creaking structures with the wind howling throughout whilst you are trying to hold a meeting. Aircraft hangars that have been converted for use as conference venues are spacious, well illuminated, heated, and provide many of the creature comforts you would expect from traditional venues.

Obviously there is no de-facto standard for converting aircraft hangars into conference venues so you will find a huge variety of shapes, styles and sizes available for hire all finished to completely different specifications. Some aircraft hangars that are used as conference venues are deliberately left as wide, open spaces and simply sealed so they are air-tight and modifications are made to the heating and lighting systems so the structure is comfortable to work in. When aircraft hangars are converted into conference venues in this manner the hangar will provide a stunning setting in which to hold a meeting, surrounded by the huge open space and the girders and beams that make up the iconic structure of aircraft hangars you will find the decision making process becomes effortless and your productivity will increase tenfold thanks to you choosing one of the most unique types of conference venues.

Other aircraft hangars are converted into conference venues in a very different way; the large internal area of the aircraft hangars is divided into a number of "rooms" that can be used for various functions or serve as standalone conference venues. Normally one half of the hangar is left open to serve as a large meeting room and the other half is split into kitchens, dining areas, smaller meeting rooms and presentation spaces. This method of converting aircraft hangars into conference venues has the advantage of sticking firmly to the "everything under one roof" approach so you and your business partners or employees will not have to leave the building throughout the course of the working day ensuring important decisions can be made without distractions.

As with every conference venue the aircraft hangars themselves vary wildly from place to place and the services offered can also vary by a great degree; it is important that you consider how many people will be attending, whether you require catering and what equipment you need on hand to ensure that your meetings run smoothly. Aircraft hangars make truly stunning conference venues and we highly recommend you consider them for your next major meeting, why settle for more traditional conference venues when you can set your next meeting in one of the many aircraft hangars dotted around the British countryside?